Why Choose Us

We like what we do. We gained our experience in the corporate world for over 10 years and then we decided to use it to live a life that gives us great experiences every day. If you want to know more about us, follow us on Geek Divers blog

We in a boat

Ethical view

We believe in the protection of the environment by reducing human carbon footprints, in sustainability and in projects that help humans help other humans and the environment.

Working together

Effective communication is at the base of every successful project. We believe that the time we spend “just talking” is an essential step of the process.


We enjoy having experiences rather than buying “stuff”. Memories (and pictures and videos!) last much longer than things!

Drop us a message!

We’ll get back to you to schedule a video chat and a coffee together. No worries, it’s free! Tell us something about you and your idea, how we can help you and your preferred time for a video chat. Please include your time zone.

Our Process

How do we work? We listen to your story, we ask you questions and we have a (maybe virtual) coffee together. We will then get back to you with our thoughts and some options. We agree on the best way to proceed depending on your budget, deadlines and requirements and then we just do it! You can expect to hear from us regularly to show you our progress and ask for your feedback. We take care of the functional and technical design, development and test and you’ll be there every step of the way.

Responsive web pages

We help you in the creation and redesign of your web page. Your business will have an eye-catching view to the world and it will look awesome on any device.

User-friendly apps for Android and iOS

We offer competence throughout the whole app development lifecycle, from design to test.

Help and advice

You have an idea but you’re not a techie? You can drop us a message and we can talk about it in a video call having a coffee together.

Custom solutions

Your idea is unique as well as your business and you need to show how different you are on your website and your app. We can help you build your pages and suggest the most effective technology to use.